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New Queen, Laying Worker, and Splitting with a Knife

by Adam Ziegler on 2013-06-02, 3:36 pm

hTBH Aggressive hive, especially when taking a razor through brood comb to fit to lang frames. Using every other bar, (3 total bars) cut the bottom of the brood off to fit to medium lang frames held in place with 2 rubber bands. Took two drawn out small cell frames that were supered with nectar on top of hTBH. Placed in Nuc#3 with a good shake of bees from 4 other bars. Attempted to catch queen and place her in the nuc, but she refused to enter, and may have flow off. Moved nuc over to new property. (Need to make sure entrance to hive is sealed better the next time I move bees!)

Nuc#1 Hive looked liked it was robbed recently. Lots of wax debris in entrance. Hive still full of honey and pollen. Noted eggs in cells... lots of eggs. Laying worker. No sign of a queen.

Nuc#2 Hive still full of honey and pollen. Noted eggs in cells... single egg per / cell. Moved one frame with small amount of brood to Nuc#1. Frame from Nuc#1 was cleared of cells with multiple eggs.

Warre#1 Very heavy top box. Small amount of brood at bottom of top box. 2nd box down is brood, and some honey on sides. 3rd box down has nectar on sides, with new comb being built onto the bottom. New comb in middle of the 3rd box also. No noted eggs or brood.

Warre#1 7 of 8 bars with wax. Did not inspect for laying queen.

Nuc#3 Split today, and moved to new property. Placed small leafy twig at entrance. A few hours later, bees were seen doing an orientation flight.


warre2_comb.jpg nuc1_laying_worker.jpg nuc3_on_hTBH_super.jpg