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T-Ball Swarm

by Adam Ziegler on 2013-06-13, 8:43 pm

At my son's t-ball game this evening. Kept hearing folks talking about a tree next to the port-a-potty. My ears perked up when I heard mentioned -- "lots of bugs" and "bee hive". Sure enough a 4 lb swarm of bees hanging on a silver maple at eye level. No tree climbing, no ladders, no cutting into walls... just a bunch of bees ready to be plucked like fruit.

I got my equipment ready while the game was ending, and waited for people to clear out of the area. I snipped the 1/2" diameter branch while holding the swarm end in my hand. Nice hefty dense swarm. One firm shake caused a thud of bees to hit the bottom of the box, and send thousands into the air. I did not find the queen, but it did not take long for the bees to start fanning. A number of bees started to cluster back on the branch they had been on, but little by little they found their way to the box.

Passing people mentioned that they saw the swarm land in the morning around 10am. The fire department showed up. The police department showed up. I was able to give my contact information out which means swarm season is going to be busy this year.

Nuc#4 was placed next to Nuc#3 at the new property.

My other hives are bearded heavily due to the humidity and warm temperatures.


queen_search.jpg swarm_in_box.jpg swarm_in_hand.jpg swarm_in_tree.jpg