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Culled comb

by Adam Ziegler on 2013-06-29, 8:35 pm

I culled a small amount of old comb from hTBH and from Warre#1 today. From the comb I was able to harvest 18-20 pounds of honey. For now, it was lightly filtered with cheesecloth and stored in quart jars. This will be reserved for our personal consumption and cooking.

Wax was melted on a double boiler and strained through screen and cheese cloth. As this was old comb, there was quite a bit of non-wax debris along with propolis.

hTBH showed signs of eggs throughout the brood areas. Comb taken from the split is almost completely re-built. This hive is still very reactive. Only 3 partial combs were taken.

Warre#1 Top box is was full of honey. Only 3 of the 8 bars of comb were taken.


jars.jpg honey_comb.jpg filling_jars.jpg mashing_honey_comb.jpg old_comb.jpg strained.jpg