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Missed the split...

by Adam Ziegler on 2013-07-10, 5:44 pm

Yesterday I noted that Nuc#3 was ready to swarm. It was late in the day, and thought I might have time today to split up the bees. By the time I got to the Nuc, it had already swarmed.

Nuc#4 (Caught at T-Ball game) did not have any foundation on the frames. While I intended to fix that situation within a day or two, almost a month has gone by. The hive is filled with comb, and it is not centered on the bars very well. One way to fix it I need to remove all of the frames together, cut out the brood, and place it back in the frames. Instead I chose to add another box with foundation strips to help the bees get going in the correct direction. The brood will be phased and and replaced with honey while the lower box is used to raise brood. I can remove the crossed honey comb when it is time to harvest.

Nuc#1 Has a good brood patterns. Nice to see this hive in working order again. Full of brood and honey. Found the queen walking about on the second frame in.

Nuc#2 Also full of brood, and probably could be split next weekend.

Warre#2 Need to nadir the hive this week. Comb is being built in the lower box.

Warre#1 Comb is being built from where I removed honey comb last weekend.


to_split.jpg hives.jpg too_much_cross_comb.jpg nuc1_queen.jpg